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It was a long cherished desire of our St. Francis province to have a Retreat Centre of its own. Two acres of land was bought at Kovilthottam on the bank of Ashtamudi Lake in the diocese of Kollam. The foundation stone for the center was laid on 23rd May 2007 by Fr. Godwin Gama the ten provincial. The construction was completed on record time. It was named as San Pio Capuchin Retreat Centre. It was blessed and inaugurated on 27th March 2008 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Stanly Roman, the bishop of Kollam.

An important point that should always be remembered about San Pio Retreat Center is that it was built completely by the donations of individuals. Thanks to all of them. Among them the name of one person namely Miss Renate Bernard of Austria should be written in Golden Letters in the history of the Center for she had supported its erection with a huge amount of money. May the good God bless and reward her and all other supporting friends for their generosity. The community.

Fr. Bobby was appointed as the first director and guardian of the retreat centre. After his provincialship fr. Godwin Gama was appointed as the guardian of the center, which was his dream project and gift to the province. After one year he was elected as the Superior Regular of the Delhi custody. Hence the superiorship was again shouldered by Fr. Bobby. In the month of May, 2012 a new community was formed for the center; Fr. Lucius as the superior, Fr. Bobby as the director of the retreat, and Fr. Benoy and Fr. Ebin, Fr. Lucius was permitted to do his doctorate in UK. Hence he was replaced by the new superior, Fr. Joseph PS. The infrastructure.

The centre, even though called a retreat centre, is not only a place for retreats but for various purposes like seminars, meetings, different courses and so on. It is open for anybody to conduct any program which is not against Catholic faith. The centre has a beautiful chapel, a preaching hall, a wall furnished refectory, and 44 bathroom attached rooms. 24 rooms are single rooms and other rooms are having either two or three beds. The total number of persons we can accommodate is only 62.
The programs at San Pio

Usually we conduct two retreats every month. One is directed by Fr. Bobby who is a famous preacher in the whole Kerala, especially in the Shalom TV. The other one is conducted by a team under the directorship of Fr. Dany. Retreats are conducted in the second and last weeks of every month. Relaxation and rest is the motto of the retreat. There are many who urge to come again and again. All of you are welcome to our Franciscan hospitality. The centre is situated at a place called Kovilthottam in between Karunagappally and Kollam. The center is just 800 meters away from the junction. We conduct the retreats with minimum fee. So if you can support us you are so welcome.

If you wish to join for the retreat please contact:
Fr. Sterin joseph - 9846420969?
San Pio- 0476 2684847

San Pio Retreat House
Kovilthottam, Kollam,

Tel: 0476 2088475


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