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"Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation." (Mk: 16:15)

Padre Pio retreat Centre is the first retreat centre of the St. Francis province Capuchins in the Diocese of Quilon. It is situated in the heart of the Quilon district along with St. Antony's Friary, Tillery. Padre Pio Retreat centre began as the small prayer group meeting with the local people of Tillery, Rev. Frs. Albert Koilparambil and Simon Peter as its spiritual heads. Under the leadership of Fr. Sebastian Kakkariyil the ministry of the centre was flourished and enriched with the grace of God. It was he who thought of having a magazine in the name of retreat center. Thus 'Swargiya Abhishegam' began to function. It is the spiritual magazine of the retreat centre which enriches the lives of the people with spiritual thoughts and guidelines. The retreat center also began a marriage bureau. It helps the youth to find out their life partners. The main focus of this marriage bureau is to prepare them for a meaningful married life.

February: Retreat for the students
March: Passion retreat for three days
May: Marian Retreat for three days
June: Retreat for the students in preparation for the new academic year.
July: Retreat for the fishermen
September: Feast of our heavenly patron and retreat for three days
November: Annual convention named as Vachanbhishegam for five days
Monday: Mass and novena of Padre Pio
Tuesday: Day of sponsors and Preshither
Wednesday: Day of counseling and confession
Thursday: Intercession day
Friday: Confession, Mass and Adoration
Saturday: Evening retreat from 5pm to 8.30 pm and night vigil from 9pm to5am.
Retreat for the youth, couples
Christeen retreat on second Saturdays
Sister's recollection on second Saturdays
Stayed retreat for five days once in two months
Apart from these fixed programs daily counseling and confessions are conducted in the centre as the need of the people.
Contact us: TILLERY, QUILON-01 Ph. No- 0474- 2761508

Padre Pio Retreat Centre
Tillery, Kollam,

Tel: 0474 2761508
Mob: 7736006700


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