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Life as capuchin Franciscan Friar is a rewarding mix of companionship in fraternity, service to others and the opportunity to deliver more deeply into realms of spirit and experience. Perhaps you have wondered whether life as a Capuchin Franciscan Friar might be suited to you. Or perhaps you have experienced persistent or periodic tug toward our way of life. You are not alone – may others also entertain such questions.

Our vocation ministry is organized and structured to help you engage in thoughtful discernment to explore the ways in which God may be calling you. Why not take a moment to discover the resources available to you as you explore the possibility of a vocation to the Capuchin Franciscan way of life?


Vocation Promoter,
Capuchin Provincialate,
P.B No: 2108,
Kochin University P.O,
Kochi - 682 022.
Kerala, India.


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Online Counselling


Online counseling and support. One poet sings “our world is a wounded world”. Yes we all face lots of difficulties in our life and we need support from others to move forward. Unluckily a listening heart is rare to us in times of difficulties. But we have some friars who are ready to listen to you. If you wish to talk to a friar for spiritual guidance and counseling, contact us.

Skype: ofmcap.kerala