Secular Franciscan Order


In the light of our Constitutions, among [other] Pious Associations, the Secular Franciscan Order should be close to our heart. Let us cooperate with secular Franciscans that their fraternities may progress as communities of faith endowed with a special effectiveness for evangelization, as well as in the formation of individual members. (no.152.2.). Therefore, SFO is much a part of Franciscan Family. More than an Apostolate, it is regarded as an extension of our brotherhood itself. We have brothers fully engaged in this noble ministry in all the Latin Diocese of Kerala. "YUFRA" is Young Franciscans, a youth wing of SFO. Units of is established in different regions and the membership in it is on the increase.


Commission for S.F.O

Br. John Fernandez Convener
Br. Joy J  
Br. Manuel Mendez  
Br. Anson T L  
Br. Plato Silvester  
Br. Sales V P  
Br. Jonath  
Br. Ebin Pappachan  
Br. Jenson Sebastian  

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