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Theo gallery and Theo publication are the official book distribution and publications of St. Francis Assisi Capuchin province, Kerala. It was established in 2002 by the pain stacking efforts of Fr. Bobby Jose. Fr. Prasad Cyprian has shouldered a major responsibility to bring the gallery under a systematic and efficient management. At present Fr. Sebastian thobias and Fr. Bobby Jose shoulder the responsibility of Theo gallery and Theo publication respectively. Exhorted by the constitution, "to greatly esteem the modern means of social and communication for their power to influence and move the masses" (Const 153.2). Theo books are well-acclaimed and sought after in Kerala. It seeks all the means to encourage the reading habit. Moreover its aim is to evangelize the society and proclaim the good news by deeply infusing the Gospel values. Through it we try to inculcate the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, who loved God, man and nature.

The word "Theo" has two dimensions. Firstly, its root meaning implies "of God", precisely to proclaim the "Word of God". Secondly to specially commemorate Servant of God Fr. Theophane who has led a saintly Capuchin life and always a beacon for us.

Theo gallery reaches-out all through Mobile shop and its books are available in all most all shops of Kerala. Within a short span of time, Theo books marked a consistent and burgeoning growth in its demand. Theo books have published many value based books. Many books have secured awards for its value based depictions. The Head Office of Theo Gallery is in Capuchin Ashram, Thumbolly, Alappuzha. Around thirty two books are published by Theo publication.


  1. Hridayavayal-Bobby Jose Kattikadu
    What do we sow in our hearts? After ploughing our hearts spiritually, breaching the wall of pride, drawing the ditches of love, burying some reflections behind every thunders and baritones and waiting for the showers of blessings, we all become some symbols of truth. This book is a call to retreat from the aroma of the incense to the sweat of the Jewish carpenter… A book built by the words of spiritual viscosity.
  2. Sanchariyude Deivam-Bobby Jose Kattiakadu
    A butterfly moves to a flower, roots go deep in the soil and a bird flies to the sky's limit. When thoughts burn our hearts and mind, a man longs for an oasis as in the desert. These words are not for mere reading, but to be grown from within… It's a journey to find ourselves and to sense our nostalgia.
  3. Keli-Bobby Jose Kattik
    A person strives hard to reach the skies of his spirituality. But he realizes the need to keep a navel connection with the earth. Journey along with God should never be at the cost of his brothers. It depicts the deep beliefs and skepticisms of a person, constantly divided between man and God. If a necessary choice arises between them, the writer stands stern with man for God's sake…  
  4. Nilathezhuthu-Boby Jose kattikadu
    We get another chance to start everything from the beginning. Waves wiped away all the footprints of the past.  A new life is kept in front of all. It's a pack of the most beautiful and integrated prayerful thoughts about life, at the same time, it is a window to Christ's mind.
  5. Vathil- Bobby Jose Kattikadu
    What is so scenic as an open door on earth?  Every door is a sign.  An open door in enchanting.  But a closed door breaks our heart.  As Gibran says "God abide in open houses".  Extended hands are like open doors. All these closed and open doors become certain signs… the real signs of life on earth… a must-read book…
  6. Kankettu- Aakkanathu
    The words of Jesus opened their eyes. They could realize everything they ignored. When he broke the bread of self-oblation, they got their sight. With a blazing heart, they set off their journey to a new direction.  Let's untie all the ties on our eye, join them in their journey with great zeal, till we reach eternity… A typical book from the author
  7. Aathmavinte Aakashangal-Joseph Eenthemkuzhy
    Words are take guidelines to truth.  Perhaps they are mostly hidden.  All the scriptures try not to reveal much. The reflections in this work multiply one's spirituality. All these words are spots having the light of meditation and the beauty of simplicity.
  8. Pope John Paul II- Jeevithavum Kaalavum- Sebastian Pallithode
    A study on the life of Pope John Paul II by Sebastian Pallithode. The author writes on his contemporary with independent and close observations. Soviet Union finally disappeared.  Gorbachev and others merged with history.  Pope John Paul was the mastermind behind them all. This is the first Malayalam work, studying the epical life of Pope John Paul II along with the political history of the contemporary Eastern Europe.
  9. Padukam- Jonath Capuchin
    Shoe keeps ones purity. Be the road covered with thorns or dirt, shoe protects ones foot from all the external impurities and inflictions. If God is my shield, my soul will be saved from all the impurities of sins. This work fights all the mediocre stands and maintains ones wakefulness. A must read book…
  10. Athijeevanam- Shobha CSN
    Life keeps many impasses before us. To face them is the only option. We can overcome them indeed… through contentions, murmurs, tears….or along with Christ, keeping prayers in heart and a smile on face . Love seems to be the only assets in life. Not small is the confidence this book instills in us to survive the entire impasses in life…
  11. Mazhayathu Vithumbunna Sauhridappookkal- Vineeth Vadakkekkara
    Friendship matches with rain, rivers and seas. More time you see it, you won't be satisfied. Never has it satisfied anyone. Each friendship is the continuation or completion of the other. They always remind us about something to be given and something to be taken. It is a rain, like golden threads, may make you cry; make you wet or May moist your soul.
  12. Agniye Samharicha Mulppadarppu- P K Abraham
    The book is a  journey through the life of Blessed Virgin Mary. The love and sacrifice of Mary should mould us to the inner simplicity. We will be able to astray the spiritual and physical arrogances through her. One's spiritual journey starts when he walks forward holding Mary's hand. It enables one to find a loving mother and take an oblation an ablution in light…
  13. Nerippodile Theekkanal-Fernandez Kakkassery
    How should a priest be? It a question bound of many expectations…..a priest should assimilate the life and words of Jesus and serve the people of God. Our tender hearts may shiver before certain challenges and anticipations, but a priest won't. He thaws in Christ and becomes ever-conscious of the Gospel values. This book is a collection of such priestly thoughts, full of its warmth and light, to find yourselves and guide our ways…
  14. Thomasinte Suvishesham- Swamy Vinayachaithanya
    Thomas saw Jesus through His wounds. The gospel according to St. Thomas contains 114 verses and was discovered from the banks of the Dead Sea. It is a gospel of vividness, from darkness to light. While sleeping, man was in darkness, but an awakened man identifies the Kingdom of God, and signifies the light. To find, to know, to see, to do…. all these comprised the repenting process of Thomas.
  15. Deivam Peithirangunnu –Dany  Capuchin
    Deivam  Peithirangunnu is a prismatic novel by Dany Capuchin. The novel leads the reader through the thoughts of "Chinmay", the protagonist.  Chinmay never waits for anyone. He is an imagery of time. The duty of a man is double-sided- to love others and to serve others. A voyage through the solicitudes of one's life.
  16. Ormakalude Pusthakam- Titus Chullikkal
    God will open up new seas for you, if you want to voyage. We all float on a clear lake. No waves disturb this lake. The rays of graces fall on us. It's a calm lake where Jehovah brings his people. The lucidity of the lake is connected with its depth. Extraordinary clarity in the depiction is the specialty of this work. This book awakens our mind and strengthens the inner conscience.
  17. Kilikkudin Aakashavum- Dr. Christy Vatakkuzhy
    Francis of Assisi is the world's dearest preceptor. This book deals with a teacher's views to make-up a deep awareness about Christ. Each teacher is a nest. When the wings get strength, they show the birds, the endless sky and exhort them to fly to eternity. Francis is the nest and Christ, the sky. A book to deepen ones spiritual fondness…
  18. Thorathe Peyyunna Mazhayil- Sebastian Pallithode
    From the dark lanes and the wet fields and from all the solitary journeys, the author collects his childhood and teenage. A new world…a new language… new life alliances…All these words emit some smiles with tears of stars in the sky for all those who are meted out to accept some painful infections in life. The author himself meets through his memories of the past.
  19. Sthraina Aathiyatha-Rosy Thampy
    Spirituality is the way to find oneself. Nowadays spirituality relates to the "spirit" or "soul". When a woman seeks God from her own self with her wonts, modality and miens, it gets differed from the prevailing spirituality. It is a roll of notes scattering the merriments and beauty of being a woman.
  20. Basalel-Biju Madathikkunnel
    More than being a novel, it is a book of self-identification or the experiments with truth. Basalel, the protagonist, is a young priest. The author identifies that the journey through the way of priesthood is not in his full control. He meets the ignominies when he walks along with God and man at the same time. Eventually the novel becomes "the portrait of an artist as a young priest."
  21. Koottam Thettiyavarude Sankeerthanam-Romance Antony
    This book becomes a price to liberty. We should think of the contemporary relevance of the problem that we see in Exodus. Free my nation-they have to go to adore God. Has the nation, trampled under the yoke of hunger and exploitation, the freedom to adore? It should blaze ones heart who stands along side with the master who came to free the world with truth. Everybody speaks about the Word. When you speak about bread, you become brute…a book to enlighten our thoughts and minds.
  22. Prakashatninte Nizhal-Dany Capuchin
    "They even carried out the sick into the streets, and laid them on cots and mats, in order that Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he came by. A great number of people would also gather from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing the sick and those tormented by unclean spirits, and they were all cured" (Acts 5:15-16).What has transformed Peter? Dany Capuchin justifies that, Peter walked, but shadow was Jesus'…Peter has passed through different phases of his life… that transformed him into a true disciple of Jesus… A journey through the life of Peter..
  23. Kadal Oru Pariyayamanu- Vinayak Nirmal
    Here are some words that are going to strike your heart…some thoughts to haunt you…and of course some stands to help you. You will be the part of all the individual experiences of Vinayak, something that happened not in his life alone but happening in your life too… because the words will obviously penetrate and hurt your heart with all its innocence and purity. Love and innocence beckons you…
  24. Thoppiyile Manju (HYKKU) – Jerly
    There are many things to be read but few to be experienced and the hykku is one among the few. Jerly challenges you with his little thoughts. Yes, little thoughts with the way opened for strong reflection and contemplation. It will indeed open your inner eyes. Be sure you are going to see something superb from mere ordinary ones and thus your will listen to your inner voice too…
  25. Athijeevanam- Sr. Shoba  CSN
    There are only few thoughts that have a lasting effect in our life. No doubt, Athijeevanam is one among them. Illumined by the light of God her thoughts become all the more clear and pure. It calls you to walk the other mile, the mile of grace……
  26. Ottayadipatha  - Sr. Shoba  CSN
    All the ways before us are not to be traveled together….certain paths are unique for us …..   The untrodden path of reality is disclosed. It shatters your dreams but constructs your life. Dare to go O reader if not you miss the vistas of vision.
  27. Haritham  - Sebastian Thobias
    Evergreen thoughts embellishing the stratum of life. Be sure that it will water your life… Prune your vices… Manure your innocence…to be a tree rooted in deep… Fresh and green… never withers and of course shade for all.  An evergreen work….prismatic words…An authentic expression.
  28. Pralayakalathe Mazavillu-Peter Thomas        
    There are ‘wayside sacraments' and epiphanies in the ordinary and the mundane. This is what one tends to overlook in the heady pace of life but that which the author ardently pursues to craft this litany of insights. The world is fed up with routines, weary of the same faces and disheartened by the tedium of life; but now this book tells us how the most non descript events could host a voluminous revelation and teach us to listen to God who very often speaks in whispers, ear to ear. This is serious philosophy presented in a most delectable fashion, with no pretensions of a spiritual master but the soothing company of a fellow traveler.
  29. Prakashathinte NizaL- Dany Capuchin
    Narrative criticism is an exegetical technique which has gained ground of late. This employs character analysis as a method. Unhampered by the absence of a strictly technical application of this technique, the author takes the creative liberty to read into the person of Peter the Apostle. This work is a mystical extrapolation, picking up from where the Gospels set off their magnificent silence. Until he receives a glimpse of the totality of Christ, St.Peter is more of a spiritual cocktail. This craft follows the evolution of Peter's faith. This teaches that Peter, very much like us, had his possibilities and openings of grace too.
  30. Ee Rave Theerum Munpu-Daniel Poovannathil
    One may call it a travelogue or a chronicle of a spiritual journey. It begins with aspiration to bring back all who have deserted the communion of love, before the dawn breaks in. It is an earnest longing that none should wander into the vagaries of night, unarmed in the spirit. This text has the unorthodoxy of a mystic, alertness of a pastor and the liberty of a poet. This is an attempt to reclaim Jesus, often condemned to the cold and dark recesses of institutions. It is a tribute to the souls who taught the simplicity of love. Narratives taken from pastoral experiences, mulled over by benevolent and deft reflections, make the reading a seamless experience with life.
  31. Bhoomipatangal- Dr.Helen A.P, trans.Dr.Sowmya Baby
    In this delightful book, the author delicately carves out a very tangible life experience from what could otherwise have become a mere academic exposition. As commented on it, it triggers a paleolithic conscience within the reader taking one back to that primordial union with nature. It takes pedagogical skills sharpened over time to present a deeply scientific perspective to the eyes of an ordinary beholder. This book serves as anything from a primer on eco-spirituality to a grim reminder on the urgency for eco-spirituality. The book dwells on the relation between science and religion, the design of life, globalization and indiscriminate exploitation, environmental values and ecological meltdowns that  can threaten our existence in the near future.
  32. Ruth- Kavalam Balachandran
    Written in enchanting verse, this unfurls the untold love story in the biblical book of Ruth. Whereas the Bible is tacit about the amorous undercurrents in Ruth, this piece of poetry celebrates love with a romantic exuberance. It subtly and sublimely presents this Biblical episode which has great genealogical significance in the Gospels. Perhaps nothing can serve better than a poetic rendition when one attempts to make that love speak which would otherwise have slipped silently between the lines of the biblical text. This work is one of the very few of its kind.

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