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God's Servant Fr. Theophane is still living at Ponnurni Capuchin Ashram.

God's Servant Fr. Theophane is still living at Ponnurni Capuchin Ashram From the year 1950, when the Ashram at Ponnurnni was established, Fr. Theophane was the Superior till ten years. He became a known name in the hearts of people both outside and inside Kerala and rendered his charismatic touch and healings to many with troubled lives, torturously tempted and strained relationships. Years after his death, still the death anniversary is being celebrated in a large scale, with so many healings for the people. This anniversary celebration was started by Christ Servers, then later Mr. Avarachan, Augustine and U.D.Francis,etc. led it forward.

The mile stone came when Fr. Wilfred Prasad took charge as the Superior. He, with the support of the Provincial Rev. Fr. Leny Connully, gave the name “Theophane Guild” and started to collect the varied experiences of the people flocking to the tomb of Fr. Theophane and the magazine "Maunshyasnehi" was also started. Thus the canonization process was started and enhanced. Now each year, the people themselves conduct the Death anniversary celebrations of the Servant of God Fr. Theophane.

Fr. Theophane Koodalloor

The man who has joined the God-Man relationship, he was named as Theophane. It is not the matter that he lived for how many years but it is the way how he lived .That saint man has left all the writings regarding his life. He was born in Koodalloor family among the nine sons as the sixth one of George and Anna. Michael was his baptismal name. By the blessings of saint Francis of Assisi he entered into the Capuchin Ashram and made his First Profession on 1934. He received his Ordination from the Bishop of Ajmer, His Excellency Rt. Rev. Gueso Flack. He was very much known for his counsellings, house blessings, house visits and healings through prayers. He was the vehement co-ordinator of the Mission Retreat team. He spend his ten years of his life at St. Bonaventure Capuchin Friary at Ponnurunni. He was the founder of the Ashram Church there under the name of the Patron St. Pius – X.

The fifty-five years he spend on earth, almost twenty years of his life was afflicted with various diseases that he suffered joyfully with a smile on his face. But, in 1968 April – 4, the death kidnapped him and took him away into the hands of God. His mortal remains are buried at Ponnurnni Guild of the Ashram. On every Mondays, liturgical and Para-Liturgical services are conducted where people flock for healings and blessings. The lit-lamp offering and the flower offering are usually done by the people for intercessions and for the favours received. His death anniversary is conducted every year on the 4th of April, with "Nercha Sadya" (agape Banquet), served to every one, prepared by the devotees themselves. His personal belongings are still preserved. there is also a museum in his name, adjacent to the Ponurunni Ashram. The wordings at his tomb show the life he lived, ie: one who awaits the people who are troubled with pains and sufferings.

Monday Services
Morning: 6:15 – Holy Mass (Ashram Church)
  6:45 – First Novena
  11:00 – Second Novena, Adoration, Communion.
Evening: 4:45 – Third Noven, Adoration, followed by Mass at Ashram Church.
  6:30 – Fourth Novena, adoration.
One Day Retreat and Counselling As a relief for the problems, we conduct Counsellings at Theo Counselling Centre on all Mondays, together with the retreat services from 7:15 am to 5:45 pm.
Kindly do the booking for these same, well in advance in the following number: 0484-6570223
Fr. Binoy Lean OFM Cap. (Director, Theophane Guild)
Fr. Jonath OFM Cap. (Asst. Director, Theophane Guiild)


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