Mission Band


Christ Jesus, God's good news, the first and greatest preacher of the gospel, gave to all his disciples and through them to the communicating of faith that is the church, the grace and mandate of spreading the gospel. ref. (The constitution of the capuchin friar’s minor, chapter 12)

St. Francis being an ardent lover of the Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, urged his brothers the necessity of leading a gospel way of life by living it. Keeping the same spirit of our father Francis we the followers of him in Kerala, began a new pastoral attempt in the name of 'capuchin mission band'. There were a number of eloquent and outstanding figures behind this mission field, very specially through the personalities of Br. Theophine (Servant of God), Br Arthur, Br. Leo, Br. Ignatius, Br. Fulgentius, Br. Jacob Acharuparambil (Bishop of Trivandrum), Br. Gerald and Br. Basil. People were really experiencing Jesus Christ himself, by the mere presence of these spiritual brothers. They were conducting retreats in different parishes. As part of the retreat they were ready to make house visits and give the neceessary directions . One of the main and distinguishing features of our retreat was the ‘penitential rite which gave to the people an awareness of their sins and sinful way of living. As part of penitential rite they used to deliver sermons in the cemeteries which had a fruitful outcome. In fact, people were extremely happy to welcome the brothers to their parishes which expressed the mind of their longing for a new awakening.

Gradually new capuchin spiritual directors came forward keeping the same spirit of pioneers such as Br. Dominic Pathialla, Br. Crispin, Br. Albert, Br. Lawrance, Br. Sebastian K.M, and Br. Francis M etc. By this time the necessity of mission band increased and this was the time, where varieties of methods in mission band were introduced namely, veneration of the holy cross, snehavirunnu, solving the family problems, counseling etc.

The directors were very much interested to bring out new methods in order to make the participation of all the parishners. As part of it flag hoisting, Preparatory prayer in every houses, etc were emerged. There were a good number of eminent capuchin brothers, to join with the directors of mission band, such as Br. Robin Daniel, Br. Andrews Alexander, Br. Mendez, Br. Simon Peter, Br. Joseph, Br.Bobby, Br.Thomas Thoppaparambil, Br. Prasad, Br. Berny Varghese, etc. Some of the famous parishes in which the capuchin mission band could make good effects are Arthunkal, Vettukad, Punnapra, Thumpoly, Kannamaly, Palliport, etc.

As soon as Fr. Danny became the director, the province decided to form a team to support the director. Thus a new team was formed with Br. Sales, Br. Anson, Br. Binoy and to which Br. Abin Papachan was added later. Mr. Lawrence was supporting the choir service. And this was the time 'counseling' became a major concern of the mission band.

Now the mission band became one of the major pastoral services of the province. The present director Br. Binoy and Assistant director Br. Sales, with the help of eminent capuchin companions and choir master Mr. Antony, go even miles away with the same intention of the pioneers by embracing the holy gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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