“The Church, realizing ‘that she is truly and intimately linked with mankind and its history,’ wishes by means of media to draw the attention of her children and of all men of good will to the vast and complex phenomenon of the modern means of social communication, such as the press, drama, books, motion pictures, radio and television, which form one of the most characteristic notes of modern civilization.” Through the media apostolate let the world know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. From the very beginning of her development, the Church found media as the best means for evangelization. Jesus said, go into the entire world and proclaim the word of God. Harkening to his words we were trying to reach out through the different media available.

Constitutions reads thus "… let us also greatly esteem the modern means of social communication for their power to influence and move the masses and the entire human society and as instruments suitable for evangelizing peoples of our time" (no.153.2.). For years, "Assisi Arts Club" was name reckoned very seriously in the field of media apostolate. The Biblical Drama enacted by the club was highly in demand. It has effectively diffused Christian and moral principles. Moving with the time and attitudes in changing world, Assisi Arts Club is reborn as "Assisi Arts and Communications". The area of its operation is varied and effective.  Assisi Arts and Communications, is a registered Club in the "Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy". Karuna communication is another arm of the Province in the ministry of Media Apostolate.  "Theo-Books" as the official publication of the province is well known among leading publications in print media.