"Following the example and the tradition of our Order, the brothers should preach the word of God…let them strive to make continual progress in the wisdom of Christ that is acquired above all in the course of life, through reading, meditation and careful study of the Sacred Scriptures" (Const. 148. 2&4) Hence, from time immemorial preaching is an outstanding ministry of the Order. St. Francis Province is keeping up that sublime tradition – Mission recreates, Parish retreats, and community retreats, we are much in demand and we respond. Some of our friars are very popular on mini screen as well. Apart from this, to accelerate the spiritual need of the faithful the Province has two Spiritual Animation Centers, namely, San Pio Retreat House at Kovilthottam, and Padre Pio Retreat Centre, Tillery, the center  publish a magazine called "Swargiya Abhishekam".


Ministry of Reconciliation and Counseling

"Through the celebration of the Sacraments, Christ is present to the faithful and with his power, sanctifies them, and builds up His body. Therefore… when administering the sacraments…the faith may be nourished, strengthened and expressed" (Const. No. 49. 1). Our friars are well sought after for the sacrament of reconciliation and our friaries are centers where people from all lifestyles come for spiritual solace. We are in great demand for the sacrament of reconciliation among the laity as well as among priests and religious. The friars are engaged in pastoral counseling too.


Parish Ministry


"In keeping with the character and tradition of our Order, let the brothers be ready to offer pastoral assistance to the clergy in the parishes of a particular Church. While being attentive to the urgent needs of the faithful, major superiors, with the consent of the council may accept with prudence the care of a parish in the spirit of service to a particular Church" (Const. 151, 1-2). It is not the policy of the Province to be tied down to the administration of Parishes. However, in tune with the constitutions and the pressure from the Local Ordinaries and exigencies of the time the province has taken up parishes.


Secular Franciscan Order


In the light of our Constitutions, among [other] Pious Associations, the Secular Franciscan Order should be close to our heart. Let us cooperate with secular Franciscans that their fraternities may progress as communities of faith endowed with a special effectiveness for evangelization, as well as in the formation of individual members. (no.152.2.). Therefore, SFO is much a part of Franciscan Family. More than an Apostolate, it is regarded as an extension of our brotherhood itself. We have brothers fully engaged in this noble ministry in all the Latin Diocese of Kerala.  "YUFRA" is Young Franciscans, a youth wing of SFO. Units of is established in different regions and the membership in it is on the increase.


Social Activities


When taking on new forms of apostolate let the brothers show special care for people who are deprived of ordinary pastoral care because of the conditions of their life: the young during decisive moment of their Christian life…burdened with financial pressures, or those harassed by hostility or radical prejudice (const 147.3). Social work in its organized form is restricted to two centers in the Province. Thus, we have Padua Social Centre at Valiathura and Tillery Social Service in Quilon. Poor and deserving girls are given gainful employment at these centers. Attached to Tillery Social Service we have Assisi Press started in 1939 in view of imparting Catholic Literature. The Press is successful in its mission ever since the beginning and it is one of the leading Presses.



Even though our constitution speaks of our works of education (147.2), it is not our prime concern. Yet they are the entry point in the northern mission. As the time demanded and having explored situation, we entered into this area apostolate. However, we have three well-recognized, quality schools in North India. St. John’s Academy, Jwala Nagar and St. Joseph’s Academy, Susitna Vihar, in the Union Territory of Delhi and St. Francis Academy in Kala Jamb, in the state of Haryana. The English Medium High School, in Marygiri, Trivandum is another prestigious CBSE school.


Mission Activities


"Through divine inspiration, St. Francis renewed the missionary spirit of his time…mission work is one of its principle apostolic obligations. Missionaries are those brothers who bring the good news of salvation to all those in any continent or region who do not believe in Christ” (const. 174.3-5). The Province has mission commitments both abroad and in the country. Friars are engaged in mission apostolate in the Vicariate of Arabia, and in Ghana. In the Mother land our friars are engaged in mission work in North India. Moreover, of late, we have launched our presence in Arunachal Pradesh. We have also a Personal Solidarity with Sacred Heart Province Canada.


Fr. Theophane Guild


The mortal remains of the Servant of God Father Theophane, one of the members of the Province are laid to rest in the chapel attached to Capuchin Ashram Ponnurunni. Thousands gather at his tomb to pray and to be consoled. To promote the cause of the servant of God, Father Theophane we have 'Theophane Guild'. A magazine by name: "Theo Manushya Snehi" is published to propagate the cause of the Servant of God.