Ordination dates 2012-2013


In 2012- 2013 we have eight deacons to be ordained

Names of the Deacons

Dates of Ordination

­ ­Dn. Joseph Ambrose OFM Cap.

17th November 2012

 Dn. Vincent Davidson OFM Cap.

26th December 2012

 Dn. Raju J. M. OFM Cap.

 Dn. Samson Antony OFM Cap.

28th December 2012

 Dn. Yesudas P. W. OFM Cap.

29th December 2012

 Dn. Suresh Kumar OFM Cap.

31st December 2012

Dn. Joseph Anish K.D. OFM Cap.

02nd January 2013

Dn. Roshy Robert OFM Cap.

17th January, 2013

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