Renewal (Extra-Ordinary) Chapter of the Province.


Renewal (Extra-Ordinary) Chapter of our Province will be conducted on 13-18, January, 2013.The venue of the Extraordinary Chapter 2013 is St. Antony’s Friary, Tillery.

The following are the proposed committees and its members of the forthcoming Extraordinary Chapter – 2013.

a)Steering Committee: In addition to the Provincial and councils, Brs. EssowYohannan OFM Cap., Peter        Thomas OFM Cap. and Joy J. OFM Cap.

b)Administrative Board: Brs. Francis Assisi Wilson OFM Cap. and Joseph James OFM Cap.

c)Liturgy Committee: Brs. Sabu Thobias OFM Cap. and Sterin Joseph OFM Cap.

d)Drafting Committee: Brs. Joseph Joyson OFM Cap. and Jose Suresh OFM Cap.

e)Chapter Secrataries: Brs. Fidelis James OFM Cap. and Samson Antony OFM Cap.