Mission at Mauritius

We have happily begun the new missionary presence in the country of Mauritius. It was at the request of His Excellency Bishop Piet Maurice, Bishop of Port-Louise that Br. General took initiative to bring us into the scene for the mission of Mauritius. Br. General requested Provincial to visit Mauritius and give him an assessment on the need of our mission there.  Having submitted the report by Provincial to Br. General on Mauritius Mission, Br. General granted permission to start the mission presence. Consequently a contract was made between the Bishop of Port-Louise and our province for five years.  Brs. Vincent and Plato OFM Caps. were the first missionaries assigned. As informed during the Extraordinary Chapter 2013, Br. Provincial accompanied the friars and implanted the missionary presence in Mauritius on 20th January, 2013.  The contract is done in such a way that the friars will be cared for by the Diocese without any financial commitment from the Province or Order. They are residing at Notre Dame which itself is a Parish with three larger Centres. Friars are engaged in intensive French Course, though they also celebrate Mass in French with a small group of parishioners on week days.  The Bishop, parishioners and people are very friendly. The Land itself can be named “Land of friends. Brs. Vincent T. OFM Cap., Plato Silvester OFM Cap. are sent to Mauritius on 18th of January 2013 to start our capuchin presence. The Mission was inaugurated on 20th January, 2013. Bros Vincent and Plato were given a warm welcome to the different churches of the Mauritius diocease.