Capuchin Ashram, Kannur

We bought this house from the Holy Cross Sisters on 15th April 1991. The blessing of the house took  place on 25th May 1991.In contra-distinction to the traditional, monastic set up in our many other friaries, the new set up in this friary affords the friars a marvellous opportunity to live among the people in an ordinary house like that of the people. The adoption of this more transparent life-style is very much in line with the contemporary trends in our Order. Our house is almost in close proximity to the house of our neighbors. This beautiful situation enables the friars to incarnate many Franciscan values and to create a Franciscan ambience in the whole neighborhood. Besides this, the friars also do active, pastoral ministries in the Diocese.  

Friary Address

Capuchin Road,
Burnachery P.O.
Kannur, Kerala 670 013

Tel: 0497-2704545

No public mass in the fraternity.